%100 Pamuk Çantalar ile Plaj Stilinden Günlük Hayata

From Beach Style to Daily Life with 100% Cotton Bags

The best part of summer is that there are multiple activities we can do outside throughout the day. In this case, we naturally need to carry everything we need with us. Large bags, with which we can freely take everything with us in the summer months, are also the hidden heroes that stand out in our combination. Towels, clothes, sunglasses and sunscreen are among the main products in our bags when going to the beach. While we spend most of our time at the beach, it is important to use large bags for every item we take with us.

We can contribute to nature with the choices we make during the summer months when we enjoy the sun and the sea. Fabrics such as polyester, produced using high amounts of crude oil, increase greenhouse gas emissions. We need to remember the importance we give to nature in every purchase we make. As Buldan's, our priority in production processes has always been nature. Dresses, bags, shirts and trousers prepared with nature-friendly quality fabrics such as cotton, linen and TENCEL™ offer long-term use. You can use these products at the beach or carry them to city life.

When choosing the pieces in your wardrobe, make sure that they reflect your personality and look the way you do. Be careful not to buy products that will not really connect with you due to the rapid consumption dictated by popular culture. Will I feel comfortable and happy in this outfit? Stay in this thought for a while while shopping. This way, you will create the basic items of your wardrobe with timeless and real pieces.