In the light of the knowledge and experience we receive from our roots; To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with a customer satisfaction-based approach in the pre-sales, during-sales and after-sales processes by blending tradition with the current and accurately analyzing the demands and needs of our customers, and to present our home textile products reliably in the market with our ethical approach.


As Dönmez Home Textile, our mission is; To exceed stakeholder expectations with our traceable and sustainable service approach, based on continuous development and development, with a knowledgeable, equipped and experienced organizational structure, along with a production line that meets variable competitive conditions.

Our quality policy

As Dönmez Home Textile, our vision of the Quality Management System focuses on the concept of "Quality" and the culture of "creating value" within the framework of our company ecosystem. In this direction:

  • First of all, we keep the concept of "quality" alive with our cultural and historical background.
  • With our customer, employee and supplier collaborations, we carry out the "quality" system with a policy of loyalty beyond the concept of satisfaction.
  • We protect the green ecosystem with "quality" by acting in line with our respect for the environment and nature and our awareness of responsibility.
  • By taking corporate development among our priorities; We create new values ​​through training and continuous improvements. We keep the concept of "quality" alive, especially with our cultural and historical background.
  • In line with developing technology and the different and new needs of our customers, we offer high quality and effective solutions and constantly improve and expand our product portfolio.
  • By working customer-oriented, we understand customer needs and expectations accurately and ensure that their demands and expectations are met in the most appropriate and short time. We continue our activities to become a reliable company.
  • Our company implements the process-based ISO 9001 Quality Management System in order to increase customer satisfaction, and we provide the necessary resources to review the effectiveness of the system and continuously improve it.
  • In order to maintain the overall Quality Management Philosophy logic throughout the company, we provide the necessary opportunities to ensure company-wide participation in quality team work.
  • We plan and implement all activities necessary to fulfill universal legal obligations.
  • Based on the Total Quality Management philosophy, we work in team spirit to achieve company and unit goals.
  • We design and implement our production activities as 'Producing error-free first time'.
  • We encourage innovative and creative approaches.
  • With the understanding of Management by Processes, we keep our quality at a sustainable level with Performance Improvement activities in every process.