Dolabınızdaki renkler ruh halinizi etkiliyor desek?

What if we were to say that the colors in your closet affect your mood?

Did you know that happiness has a relationship with the clothes you wear during the day? Dressing to increase your energy or making choices accordingly has become a trending concept lately. You can spend the day better by taking advantage of the effect of the fabric, texture or color of the pieces you choose.

After deciding how you feel when you wake up in the morning and what mood you want to be in, you can decide on your daily combination with the power of colors. Choosing clothes that you feel good in, based on their texture and color, will positively affect your mood.

What is important here is how you feel in the clothes you choose. Let's do a little test right now. Open your closet and take a look. Which ones attract your attention or which ones create the best feeling? With this method, you will increase your bond with your clothes and use them for a longer time, and it will be an important source of motivation that will help you live the day more easily. Think about a moment that made you feel good and the outfit you wore at that time; wearing it over and over again can make you feel the way you felt that day.