Who are we?

In 1951, the first steps were taken into the textile industry when Mehmet Dönmez started business as a thread merchant in the Buldan district.

Mehmet Dönmez, one of the first people to trade in the region at the time, started producing Buldan cloth with his son İhsan Dönmez after a while. This production tradition, passed down from generation to generation, was founded in 1991 by Dönmez Ev Tekstili ve Giyim San., a family company. Tic. It continues with the establishment of A.Ş. With the growing production capacity and developments in the textile industry over the years, Buldans was established in 1998 under the leadership of İhsan Dönmez.

DönmezEv Tekstil ve Giyim San. Tic. We are happy to continue the story that started with A.Ş. today as the 3rd generation representatives of Buldans. With the strength we draw from the experience of our ancestors, we continue to renew thousands of years of tradition and adapt it to the present day and present it to you.