Kokuların şifalı gücü; aromaterapi yağları!

The healing power of scents; aromatherapy oils!

Aromatherapy, which has a deep-rooted history dating back approximately 6000 years to the present, is known as scent therapy. Since the body and soul are considered as a whole in the aromatherapy method, its effects that relax the soul and mind are known as well as its physical effects. Aromatherapy, a natural method; Essential oils are obtained from the barks, leaves, stems, seeds and roots of plants and flowers.

Considering the positive effects of scents on humans, there has been a lot of interest in aromatherapy oils in recent years. Aromatherapy method, which stands out with its therapeutic properties; It is frequently used in different areas such as meditation, work environment and before sleep. Aromatherapy oils, which have become a part of daily life and come in different varieties, have many benefits.

Lavender oil

Lavender plant reduces blood pressure and heart rate. For this reason, it has been scientifically proven that the scent of lavender oil, which is generally known to calm the nervous system, reduces stress. Adding lavender oil to your incense burner will help you feel calmer by regulating brain waves, and will relieve fatigue and help you have a quality sleep.

Orange and Lemon Peel Oil

Fruits such as oranges and lemons contain vitamin C, which strengthens the body's immune system. Orange and lemon peel oils naturally purify the body from toxins and relieve pain with their energizing antioxidant content. By incorporating orange or lemon peel oils, which have a relaxing scent, into your daily life, you can eliminate your absent-mindedness and gain vitality.

To benefit from the powerful vitamin C effect, you can consume these oils produced by the tincture method, which makes the active ingredient of the plant more effective, by adding it to your water during the day.

Juniper oil

Since juniper berry is antibacterial, it is used to cleanse the body of toxins and treat inflammations. A few drops of juniper oil in your incense burner, when inhaled, helps reduce stress without causing sleep. It also cleans the air of the room you are in.