My Body Marks

My Body Marks

Embracing nature and environmentally friendly production have become the most important starting point for a holistic life. This philosophy we have adopted has brought us closer to our own essence. We remembered that we need to take a closer look once again at these values ​​that create us, including how our body looks, our relationship with it, our thoughts, our emotions.

The key to being happy is to accept our body as it is. Some times or the environmental structure we are in may cause us to forget all these. What is real is how we see ourselves. It is not possible for us to focus on our development and make healthy decisions when we have doubts about our body.

Awareness is our greatest power!

By moving away from the concept of beauty imposed on us, we can redefine what is right for ourselves. Cracks, blemishes or sagging in our body... We can only be whole with our true self by being free from all these labels. During the day, we can focus on how we feel and what we can do, instead of worrying about appearance.

As Buldan's, we aimed to emphasize that naturalness is not just about our productions while creating the #mybodymarks concept. For us, embracing life in its entirety is about caring about emotions and the feelings our products leave on your body.