Neden Keten Kumaş?

Why Linen Fabric?

With its deep-rooted history, linen is the first known fabric in human history. Linen, a type of fiber fabric made from the stems of the flax plant, is frequently used in many areas.

Linen fabrics with a large porous structure allow the body to breathe and provide freshness all day long. Its structure absorbs sweat in summer and protects the skin from external factors in winter, allowing it to be used easily in all seasons. It is suitable for all age groups as it does not cause allergic reactions and does not irritate the skin. Thanks to its natural texture, it gets dirty slowly and is resistant to fading with its sun-permeable structure. Linen is longer lasting than other fabrics. The comfort of linen accompanies your life in many different product groups such as Marl Bathrobe , Galya Duvet Cover Set , Nova Pillow , Teo Shirt .

Since it is a delicate fabric due to its structure, it is recommended to wash it at the lowest temperature, keeping the spin speed as low as possible. Softener should be used diluted in order not to damage the natural structure of the linen during washing.

Being aware of our responsibilities towards nature, we carefully use natural fibers in our fabrics. Linen, which we include in many of our product groups, from bathrobes to duvet covers, from dresses to sofa covers, is one of the best options for your skin.