Neden Pamuk Kumaş?

Why Cotton Fabric?

With its deep-rooted history, cotton has always had an important place in the textile world. The oldest findings regarding the first use of cotton, a natural fabric type obtained by turning the fibers on the cotton plant into yarn, date back to approximately 5000 BC. It continues to be used frequently in today's world with its breathable structure, lightness and soft texture.

Aware of our responsibilities towards nature, we carefully carry natural fibers into every stitch of our designs. Cotton, which we include in many of our product groups, from bathrobes to duvet covers, from dresses to bedspreads, is one of the best options for your skin.

Our cotton fabrics, produced by meeting environmentally friendly certification standards, are carefully cut and sewn one by one by master tailors after special washing and dyeing processes. Since it consists of natural fibers, biodegradable cotton fabrics can be recycled to a large extent.

Cotton fabrics have a high amount of water absorbency as well as fast drying properties. Its sweat-absorbing structure on the skin surface in summer protects the skin from external factors in winter, allowing it to be used easily in all seasons. It is suitable for all age groups, especially babies, as it does not cause allergic reactions and does not irritate the skin.

Washing products made of easy-care cotton fabric at 40 degrees is the ideal rate to ensure cleanliness. The most special touches of hand labor come together with the delicateness of cotton; Kanyon Bathrobe, Sueno Pajama Set, Bürümcük Duvet Cover Set and Bonni Series specially prepared for children are waiting for you to include comfort in your life.