Tatil Bavulunda Ne Olmalı?

What Should Be in Your Holiday Suitcase?

The biggest motivation of the summer months is sometimes a holiday plan or sometimes dinners where we go out with comfortable clothes... All these times bring with them many unforgettable moments.

We feel the excitement of discovering brand new places with the warming energy of the sun; We are in search of the most comfortable pieces to accompany our style during holidays where we rest, have fun, and trace new tastes and textures. Many of us have the habit of shopping before the holiday. The important point here is that the combinations we carefully create are of a quality that we can wear for years. We must make the right choices that will form the basis of our wardrobe with natural fabrics and timeless designs that allow the skin to breathe.

Vacation plans have been made, now it is time to prepare our suitcase. Three essential pieces for us; sunscreen, a comfortable dress and bag…

Of course, there is also the Perla Peshtamal, which is made of 85% cotton and will make you feel comfortable; A Blush Dress that will keep you fresh all day long and make you experience naturalness; Dia Beach Bag, where you can easily carry the items you can't keep with you and will complete your combination; Brenda Pareo Off White, which displays the perfect harmony of cotton and linen, is a unique piece of finishing touch that will complete your style on the evening you go out for a nice meal...

When going on a nice summer holiday, do not forget to add pieces to your suitcase where you will feel the naturalness in every texture.