Neden Soya Mumu Tercih Etmelisiniz?

Why Should You Choose Soy Candle?

The feeling of returning home after a busy day is perhaps one of our favorite moments. At such times, you can choose candles that will make the environment calmer by turning on a music playlist that will make you happy.

To prepare such a peaceful routine for yourself, take a look at the candles in your home. How much do you know about their contents?

Candles burned in closed environments have a very important place for our health. You can start by distinguishing between candles that contain unnatural ingredients. Although candles are mostly made of paraffin today, candles made with 100% soybeans are very important for your health. One of the features that make soy candles such a valuable and healthy choice is that they consist of sustainable raw materials. Due to its herbal content, it does not harm the environment and is completely natural. There is no problem in breathing it with its clean contents that are free of toxins and do not pollute the air. Paraffin-containing candles are petroleum products. Imagine breathing in the petroleum product while listening to yourself in peace. It's quite disturbing, isn't it? We need to choose these products more consciously, which are included in our routine during the day but we do not think about.

While adopting naturalness and sustainable attitude in all areas of life, we aimed for you to have both healthy and peaceful times with our candles made entirely from soybeans.

You can increase the effect of the oil by adding a few drops of aromatherapy oils to the candle. If you need to feel more energetic during the day, you can add lemon or orange oil, and if you want a calmer mood or to fall asleep easily, you can choose lavender oil.