Neden TENCEL™ Kumaş?

Why Tencel™ Fabric?

Tencel™ fabric, which has breathable properties, does not cause discomfort even if the body sweats, as it balances moisture very well. It offers comfortable use as it is a flowing, very soft and special fabric type. It maintains its shine, color and form after every wash. Therefore, it can be used for many years. Experience Tencel comfort in every moment of life with Dante Duvet Cover Set, Terra Bathrobe and Terra Towel .

Tencel™ fabrics require very little water and energy usage during the production phase. Apart from this, it can be recycled and creates less waste because it can be reused to obtain fiber. Additionally, because tencel™ is a naturally derived fiber, it is biodegradable. We always attach importance to making sustainable choices so that fabrics that are good for our body and soul are also good for the nature. Tencel, which we include in many of our product groups, from bathrobes to duvet covers, from dresses to sofa covers, is one of the best options for your skin and comfort.