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Prepare for Autumn with a Renewed Mind

Prepare for Autumn with a Renewed Mind

An entire summer is behind us. We were always on the move throughout the summer with the warming energy of the sun. Sometimes we discovered new places and sometimes we chose to relax by the beach.

It is time to leave aside the summer months, during which we were mentally and physically tired without realizing it, and return to the inner city life. So, what needs to be done to make seasonal transitions easier?

Set Your Intentions

Seasonal transitions are the time to set new intentions. Write down all the emotions you felt throughout the summer in a notebook. After writing down the feelings and thoughts that tire you and want to let go, with their reasons, set your new intentions. Thus, you will create a detox effect in your soul. Autumn is a great time to both turn inward and make new beginnings.

So in what ways can you do this?

You can evaluate the emotions you felt throughout the summer and take steps towards your new ideals. Autumn is a suitable time for turning inward and new beginnings. To make this period more effective, mental relaxation, meditation and deep breathing practices can calm your mind and help you find inner peace. However, different exercises and nature walks help you find both physical and mental balance by moving your body.

Autumn is the Best Time for Digital Detox

Nowadays, digital screens are in every part of our lives. located in the field. It is useful to step away from digital screens from time to time to observe how much it affects us. You can put your phone and computer aside for a while to get away from this effect, rest our soul and clear our mind. During this period, you can go on nature walks or buy a notebook in which you write down what you are going through. While applying this method, which will help you feel better with the healing power of writing, you can benefit from the relaxing effect of aromatherapy oils or change the atmosphere of your environment by using soy candles.