Anneler Günü Hediyesi: Anneye Alınacak Hediyeler Nelerdir?

Mother's Day Gift: What are the gifts to buy for mothers?

Every living thing that comes into the world has a unique bond with its mother. This strong bond, based on unconditional love, is celebrated every year on Mother's Day. On this special day, to show gratitude to mothers, gifts are given that accompany their daily life and adapt to their tastes. You may also want to buy a gift for your mother, who has surrounded you with her love from the first moment you opened your eyes to the world, that will make her happy. As Buldan's, we talked about some Mother's Day gift options in this article.

What is Mother's Day?

Before talking about the gifts to buy for the mother, it is useful to mention what this special day is and how it came to be. On this date, the strong love towards mothers is shown through meaningful words and gifts . Views on the history of Mother's Day vary between countries and cultures. However, it is believed throughout the world that the foundations of this day were laid in the early 20th century, when an American activist named Anna Jarvis always commemorated her deceased mother on the same date. Over time, this commemoration day was adopted in other countries and began to be celebrated every year.

When is Mother's Day?

When Mother's Day is celebrated varies between countries. For example, in the United Kingdom, unlike the rest of the world, the celebration is held on the second Sunday of March. In many countries, including Turkey, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May . So, what gift to buy for your mother on this special day that has high spiritual value?

What are the gifts to buy for mothers?

What makes gifts meaningful is being careful and making personalized choices . For this reason, it is important to carefully examine the alternatives when buying a Mother's Day gift. Gifts to be bought for mothers can be divided into the following categories:

  • Home and life: If you want your mother to feel peaceful and happy in her living space, you can buy her home products that stand out in different aspects. If you wish, you can give your mother as a gift duvet cover sets that bring peace to the bedroom or throw pillows that will add color to the sofas.
  • Clothing and accessories: Clothing and accessories are among the best gifts you can give to your loved ones. For example, as a Mother's Day gift, you can choose Buldan's kimono models that can be worn at home, in daily life and at the beach.
  • Decoration: If your mother cares about the aesthetics of her home, you can buy her both decorative and useful decoration products such as incense burners, serving boards and ceramic household items.

  • Among the gifts to be bought for the mother, there are also options that will remain as memories . For example, name necklaces that stand out with their stylish designs allow your mother to always feel your love by her side. Albums containing precious photographs allow you to make your common memories permanent.

    incense burner

    The incense burner, which serves more than one purpose, is one of the alternatives that attracts the attention of those looking for gifts for Mother's Day. Censer; It is an aromatherapy tool used to spread a pleasant scent in the living space, change the ambiance of the room, and relax spiritually and mentally . Aromatherapy oils added to the incense burner disperse into the environment under the influence of heat, giving you the chance to experience peaceful moments. Among Buldan's products, you can find incense burners with every detail carefully designed and aromatherapy oils containing different essences.

    Coffee cup

    You can buy a cup for your mother that she can use while sipping her coffee. Handmade ceramic cup models are the choice of those looking for an elegant and unique gift option. If you wish, you can also take a look at bowls and lamps made of the same material. Ceramic bowls can be used as kitchen utensils or decorative. Ceramic lamp types, in addition to their lighting function, add an aesthetic atmosphere to the environment in which they are placed.

    Towels and Towel Set

    Towels used in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are among the first things that come to mind when it comes to Mother's Day gifts. There are many towel models that can appeal to your mother's tastes. In this context, you need to pay attention to details such as color, pattern, size and material . For example, 100% cotton towels are soft and fast drying; Models with sensual fabric may win your mother's appreciation with their long-lasting structure.

    Throw Pillow and Cushion Cover

    Aesthetic throw pillows and cushion covers can also be given as suggestions for gifts to buy for the mother. These decoration products, which add a simple but effective touch to living spaces, manage to appeal to different tastes with their appearance and textures. For example, if the seats are colorful and patterned, a balanced decoration style can be achieved by choosing plain models . Covers made of materials such as cotton or linen; It stands out with its ease of use, comfort and appearance. Among Buldan's throw pillow options, you can find products that offer your mother comfort and elegance together.

    Linens set

    Duvet cover sets, which are indispensable for bedroom decoration, are ideal as Mother's Day gifts. Considering the colors and patterns your mother likes, you can choose a suit made of materials such as cotton or linen . You should also pay attention to the dimensions of the bed and pillows in this selection. You can give your mother a gift that she will always enjoy by choosing stylish duvet cover set models that include sheets, duvets and pillowcases .


    If you want to buy your mother a gift that will accompany every moment of her life, you can take a look at loincloths. Models with moisture-absorbing properties are frequently preferred in the bathroom and after swimming in the sea or pool. Peshtemal types with aesthetic details provide the opportunity to display a stylish look on the beach when used as a pareo. You can choose this multi-purpose product, which can also be used as a scarf or seat shawl, for your mother with peace of mind.

    Linen Kaftan

    Caftan models , which accompany both the moments spent at home and daily life , leave a comfortable feeling on the skin with their softness and texture. Thanks to its unique flow, it allows your mother to always look elegant and glamorous. Linen kaftans with soft colors are long-lasting and timeless, allowing you to buy a gift for your mother that she can enjoy for years to come.


    Gifts to buy for mothers include covers that add color and texture to living spaces. These products, which can be used as sofas and bedspreads, have a breathable texture because they are produced from fabrics such as cotton or linen. Tissues with air permeability help regulate body temperature, especially in hot weather. If you wish, you can gift your mother one of the elegant and useful Buldan's bedspread models.

    Dressing gown

    Aesthetic and comfortable bathrobes are among the most preferred Mother's Day gifts. If your mother cares about her comfort, you can buy her a bamboo fabric bathrobe as a gift . Bamboo fabric retains moisture thanks to the fibers it contains and gives you the chance to feel fresh on hot days. It is also suitable for sensitive skin as it has a gentle and hypoallergenic texture. If you wish, you can also buy bathrobes made of cotton, linen and tencel fabric for your mother, which are the choice of those who prioritize comfort.


    If you want your mother to feel comfortable during the moments she spends at home during the day and during sleeping hours , you can gift her a women's pajama set that stands out with its soft texture . Buldan's pajama models with breathable fabric allow you to sleep peacefully even in hot weather. Thanks to its quality stitching, color options and other details, it makes it possible for your mother to feel stylish at any time of the day.

    Get Your Mother's Day Gift Easily with Buldan's

    Appealing to different tastes with its wide range of products , Buldan's successfully answers your search for a Mother's Day gift. In this context, there are many options, from incense burners to throw pillows, loincloths, bathrobes and bedspreads. You can examine Buldan's products , which are appreciated for their unique textures and timeless designs , and give your mother a gift that she can always enjoy.