B.C. In 6000 years, the first loops were thrown on Anatolian soil. The excavations at Çatalhöyük yielded evidence that Anatolian civilizations were highly developed in terms of weaving.

The roots of the weaving, which is as old as the history of the city in Buldan, Denizli, BC. It dates back to the 2nd century BC, to Tripolis during the Roman era.

The famous traveler Ibni Batuta (1331), who is known as the capital of the skilled hands who handles the rope, can be found in the Topkapi palace today. Because of the beauty and strength of cotton, woven fabrics and cloths are more resistant.

Donmez Tesktil, which takes its values ​​from centuries of experience and proud weaving tradition, carries the culture from its past beyond time. Buldans brand offers a wide range of home textiles suitable for bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and living areas for a natural lifestyle constructed in integrity.