1951 Mehmet Dönmez started the first trade in Buldan as a yarn trader in a 5 m2 shop. Mehmet Dönmez, whose tax number is 3, is one of the first traders in that region.

· By adding his son, İhsan Dönmez, in 1972, Buldan cloth begins the production of the twisted cloth at the contract.

· In 1976, raw cloth, sunshade and cotton cloth production started in the contract.

With the illness of Mehmet Dönmez in 1980, his son İhsan Dönmez and İlhan Dönmez continue to produce textile tarp and artificial subcutaneous diapers.

In 1986, it started to produce fabric under its house with 6 weaving machines.

With the death of 1991 in 1991 1991, İhsan Dönmez took over the business and established Dönmez Textile.

· Starts production of local fabrics in 1993.

· In 1995, he laid the foundations of the current factory and moved to the factory where he still produces.

1996 machine park was expanded.

1998 Buldan’s trademark was registered. With this step, İhsan Dönmez started to produce branded products with his forward vision, creativity, design and high quality understanding.

· In 2006, with the participation of 3rd Generation Mehmet Dönmez, Dönmez Teksti formed its design and marketing staff and started exporting to abroad with its own brand and brands. It reached 15 countries.

· In 2016, works are carried out in order to increase brand awareness, branding and marketing in Turkey and abroad with the participation of 3rd Generation Seren Dönmez.