Friday, 30 March 2012 09:34 Written by Webkokteyli

The first knots were tied in Anatolia around 6000 BC. Findings in CATAL HUYUK excavations have shown that Anatolian civilizations had well-developed weaving.

As ancient as the city itself, the origins of weaving in Buldan, a town of Denizli, date back to Tripolis in the Roman era, 2nd century BC.

Buldan is the capital of skillful hands weaving yarn; Ibn Battuta (1331), the world famous explorer, tells the story of Buldan, historical samples of which can be found in today’s Topkapı Palace Museum: “Unique golden lace fabric and cotton fabrics are woven here. The woven fabric and linens are the most durable materials because of the beauty and strength of the cotton.”