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The first knots were tied in Anatolia around 6000 BC. Findings in CATAL HUYUK excavations have shown that Anatolian civilizations had well-developed weaving.

As ancient as the city itself, the origins of weaving in Buldan, a town of Denizli, date back to Tripolis in the Roman era, 2nd century BC.

Buldan is the capital of skillful hands weaving yarn; Ibn Battuta (1331), the world famous explorer, tells the story of Buldan, historical samples of which can be found in today’s Topkapı Palace Museum: “Unique golden lace fabric and cotton fabrics are woven here. The woven fabric and linens are the most durable materials because of the beauty and strength of the cotton.”

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The peshtemal, a gift from Anatolian culture to the world, is defined as a rectangular woven cloth used for covering the body in traditional Turkish baths. The peshtemal tradition, which has stood the test of time and survives today with its delicate texture, high absorbency, fast drying and lightness, comes together with the Buldans' concept of production and design which brings authenticity to a universal platform.

With its timeless designs combining natural fibers such as high-quality cotton, linen, and bamboo using state-of-the-art looms, Buldans breathes new life into peshtemals and expands their areas of use. Emerging from the Turkish bath ritual, the peshtemal appears in bathrooms, saunas, pools, gyms and at the beach. It also becomes an essential part of your journeys, thanks to its space-saving delicate texture.

Buldans’ peshtemals, with their harmonized designs and colors, are also appreciated for their elegance that brings the ease of use of a peshtemal anywhere that people and water come together. In addition to their natural color palette reflecting simplicity and purity, peshtemals in trendy cheerful colors can also be used as a pareo, dress or scarf.

Reviving the peshtemal with thousands of years of weaving culture and experience, Buldans appeals to our senses and emotions with its unique and elegant designs.

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